Ward Cornforth  -  "Johnny Cash"      
Ward's baritone vocals and formal training as a drummer provide the right combination of voice and rhythm that are integral to the music of Johnny Cash. Ward has been cast as Johnny Cash in the show "Memories of the Grand Ole Opry" by Millenium Productions. He has performed in the show "Christmas in Nashville" at Theatres in Ontario. Ward has performed in a variety of venues including fairs, festivals, theatre concerts and live television (Global TV, City TV's - Breakfast Television, CTV).

Joey Ace  - "Luther Perkins"

Joey's expertise is in country music and he is a multi-instrument player. He is spot on in his role as a 1950's Luther Perkins. He has toured extensively with Tribute Bands in Ontario.






Billy Fairley  -  "W.S. Holland"                 
Billy has toured with the iconic Irish Rovers in Canada and with several major recording acts in the U.K.. He plays with the same style and dynamics that are found on all of Johnny Cash's recordings. 


Darwin Bruce - "Marshall Grant"
Darwin is a veteran Bass Player with decades of experience performing Country music and performs with some of Canada's best Country musicians. His Country/Rockabilly style and backing vocals replicate the music of Johnny Cash with precision.

Julie Mahendran - "June Carter"

Julie is a versatile vocalist who uses her clear and powerful vocals to deliver a dynamic performance as June Carter. Julie has performed throughout North America, in Europe, and in Hong Kong as a professional jazz artist and with the successful touring group Classic Albums Live.